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Side door protection mouldings

Extra style, extra protection: add even more sporty elegance to the sleek profile lines of your car, and protect your side bodywork from scratches and scrapes at the same time. Can be painted in your car’s colour for one cohesive finish.


  • Ceed 2018 CD1
  • Ceed 2020 CD2
  • Ceed 2021 CD3
  • Ceed 2022 CD4, CD5

  • Ceed sw 2018 CD1
  • Ceed sw 2020 CD2
  • Ceed sw 2021 CD3
  • Ceed sw 2022 CD4, CD5

  • XCeed 2020 CD2
  • XCeed PHEV, MHEV 2020 CD2
  • XCeed PHEV, MHEV 2021 CD3
  • XCeed 2022 CD4, CD5 Pure, Pulse, Pulse MHEV, Pace, Pace MHEV, Business Line PHEV

Part No: J7271ADE00BL
Price: € 192.50*

*Suggested Price; incl. VAT; excluding fitting costs

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