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Tow bar wiring kit, 7p

Installation uses original vehicle connectors and a multifunctional trailer module which amplify all necessary signals. Compatible with both conventional bulb and LED trailer lights and featuring audible warning of trailer turn indicator or brake light malfunction. For vehicles with OE Rear Parking sensors, there is currently no possibility to switch off the OE PDC system during reverse driving with trailer or bike carrier. The OE PDC will detect the trailer or bike carrier as an object and will alert permanently.

Application :

  • Stonic 2018 (BC1, BC2), all versions,
  • Stonic 2020 (BC3), all versions,
  • Stonic 2021 (BC4), all versions,

Part No: H8620ADE50CP
Price: € 186.00*

*Price incl. VAT; excluding fitting costs

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