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Tow bar fixed

This high-quality corrosion-resistant fixed tow bar is developed to optimally transport loads according to the maximum towing and bike load capacity of your Sorento. Also consult the accompanying wiring sets, to be ordered separately.

Specifications :

  • Max. towing capacity: D =13kN - 2500 kg
  • Vertical Load (Trailer): 100 kg
  • Vertical Load (bike carrier): 75 kg

Application :
  • Sorento 2020 diesel versions, (MQ4).
  • Sorento 2020 HEV, PHEV. (MQ4).
  • Sorento 2021 diesel versions, (MQ4B).
  • Sorento 2021 HEV, PHEV. (MQ4B).
  • Installation only possible in combination with steel temporary wheel

Part No: P2280ADE00
Price: € 419.00*

*Price incl. VAT; excluding fitting costs

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