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Wheel kit steel 17"

Set of 4 17“ eight-spoke steel wheels, anthracite, 6.5Jx17. Ideal for winter tyre use. Cap included, nuts not included. Consult your Certificate of Conformity for the approved wheel dimensions for your car.


  • Stonic 2018 BC2,
    suitable for 205/55 R17 Fusion, Black Edition, Sense
  • Stonic 2020 BC3,
    suitable for 205/55 R17 More+Leather Pack, GT Line, Black Edition
  • Stonic 2021 BC4
    suitable for 205/55 R17 Pulse+Leather Pack, GT Line, Black Edition
  • Rio 2017 - YB1-YB2,
    suitable for 205/45 R17
  • Rio 2020 - YB3,
    suitable for 205/45 R17

Part No: H8401ADE50PAC
Price: € 599.00*

*Price incl. VAT; excluding fitting costs

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