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Air Sanitiser Kia 100ml

Alcohol-based cleaner with odour-absorbing formula for various vehicle interiors. Leaves behind a fresh, pleasant mint fragrance with no residue. Free from harmful perfume oils.

  • Reliably eliminates unpleasant odours in the vehicle interior.
  • With odour-absorbing formula.
  • Fine active agent distribution — ideal for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Leaves no residues behind.
  • Free from harmful perfume oils.
  • Allergy-friendly.

  • Position the can centrally in the interior.
  • Switch the air conditioning system to circulating mode.
  • Press spray head nozzle until it clicks into place. Can empties completely inapprox. 2.5 min
  • Close the vehicle doors.
  • Let the air conditioning run for 10 minutes in circulating mode.
  • Ventilate the interior of the vehicle well after use.

Does not replace professional hygiene cleaning or flushing of the air conditioning system evaporator. Contact your Kia-dealer for more information on airco cleaning solutions.

Part No: LP970APE01ACK
Price: € 19.00*

*Suggested Price; incl. VAT; excluding fitting costs

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