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Charging cable, mode 3, 32 Amp, 3 phases, 5m (EV)

Fast charging your new electric vehicle could not be easier and faster. The charging cable, Mode 3, 3-phases, can be used to charge your electric vehicle from public charge points and private charging points equipped with Type 2 sockets. This high quality charging cable comes with 3 years warranty.

Voltage480 V
Current 32 A
Charging Power up to 22 kW
Plugs Type 2 - Type 2
Charging Mode Mode 3
Weight3,5 kg
Cable Length 5m
Colour grey
Cable Skin PUR
Operating Temperature -30°C - 50°C

  • e-Niro 2020 (DE4), e-Niro 2021 (DE5), e-Niro 2022 (DE6)
  • e-soul 2020, 2021 (SK3)
  • EV6 Air, Earth, GT Line, GT
  • Sportage 2022 NQ5 PHEV

Part No: 66632ADE023A
Price: € 428.00*

*Suggested Price; incl. VAT; excluding fitting costs

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